The quest to be invulnerable to fear or intimidation ‘fearless’ – to be an audacious explorer, many believe cannot be achieved. The journey however; continuing to move forward en route to fearlessness is achievable.

This remains my quest. This is my goal.

Through my personal experiences and the experiences of those whom I’ve walked along the road of life with, I’ve received inspiration which I want to share with all. From lake-less West Texas to the vast Aegean Sea; from the Acropolis citadel of Athens, Greece to the forests of New Zealand; ascending and descending the highest peaks in Colorado; the birth of my daughter, the love, laughter, and tears – through it all, I have learned…I have fought. I have hurt. I do love. I’ve witnessed the good, the bad and everything in between. OneRepublic sums it up nicely, in short: “I swear I’ve lived…”.

My strength and education along my journey has come from God, His world, and everyone I’ve met along my walk have shaped my goal and my path forward. I do not strive for perfection, but rather to live with authenticity and purpose – to reveal to myself and others what it means to simple ‘be’. To be authentic equates to being imperfect. Perfection is an exciting dream, however to be real is an exciting reality.

Be where you are. Be how you are. Be authentic and explore the life that has been granted to you.

This blog is for those who inspire and wish to be inspired – for those of you out there who live beyond the walls of comfort and choose to explore life, never ceasing when confronted with that which you are afraid of. Those out there who continue en route to your destination, fearful or fearless.

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